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My week in photos.

Current favorite arm candies.

Saying goodbye to this baby soon. :(

Feeling fazyown post.


Photo from Jared Ramos.

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A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

The first picture’s our peg which I got from pinterest. I then drew what I would like for our project to look like, but I forgot to bring my planner when I went to Laguna #SignsOfAging and I got lazy (haha) so I settled with this lol. I went crazy while coding this because our professor said we should come up with algorithms to draw the shapes, but she hasn’t taught us a n y t h i n g!!! I am no hardcore programmer, btw.

Hahaha chos pictures of the day.

Finally, prelim week is over!!! Well, our prelim exams were scheduled 3 days only so there’s no sleepless night :p I went back to Manila on Monday to pay my tuition, go to Quiapo with Jared and to study(? haha).

Currently addicted to Cereal Pops! Not healthy at all, I know. But I can’t help it?? Haha. I should start dieting again (just because? haha) but Aaron wants me to gain some weight because it’s really getting difficult to find clothes that fit me well, especially shorts. :( (I don’t wear pants; Di ko keri masyado yung price sa TopShop pls hahaha)

I started doing our project in Graphics(We have to make algorithms to draw shapes in Java. Gahhh. Pwede naman kasing GeneralPath!) aka the reason why I didn’t review for my Ethics and ETAR exam lol. ETAR exam was really depressing. It was my first time to submit a paper with more or less 5% sure answers. :( I WANT TO CRY AFTER!!!! But instead I went to Santorini and ate a lot. Hahahaha no regrets <3

I can’t study after because of that exam. *sad face* But after that day, things got better. I passed all my exams and even scored the highest in our section in Cobol lec! #braggingrights Heehee.

Ngayon pa lang, tanggap ko na na hindi na ako mad-DL ulit pero kebs <3